ACF Student Association Officers

Requirements for Executive Officers as outlined in the ACF Constitution & Bylaws

  • Members of The Association
  • Nominated by the Senate
  • Reviewed by the Board of Advisers
  • Approved by the General Assembly through a majority vote.
  • Each Executive shall act in accordance of the duties for the positions they hold as outlined in the Bylaws
  • Each Executive shall attend the General Assembly sessions – ACF Institute
  • Each Executive may not hold more than one position at a time
  • Half of the Executive positions are up for election on alternate years
  • Officers serve 1 term of two school years, renewable once
  • Terms run from August 1 to July 31
President (2020-2022) 1st Term
Stanford University (CA)
Stanford ACF
Jonathan Wheeler
Doctoral Student
VP Logistics (2019-2021) 1st Term
Smith College (Boston)
Yolanda Chigiji
VP Resource (2019-2021) 1st Term
Dalton State
Stephanie Langa
VP Marketing (2019-2021) 1st Term
University of Ottawa
Akehil Johnston
VP Networking (2020-2022) 1st Term
University of Ottawa
Alexandra Tesic
VP Communications (2020-2022) 1st Term
University of Texas, Austin
ACF at UT Austin
Diana (Arleth) Feliciano
VP Programming (2020-2022) 2nd Term
University of Texas, Austin
ACF at UT Austin
Oscar D Galvis Arce
Doctoral Student